Folklore Roundtable Dec. 6, 2017


Critical Latinx Folkloristics for the 21st Century:
Rhetoric, Revision, and Practice

Wednesday December 6, 2017
4:30-6:00 PM
554 Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley

Dr. Rachel Valentina González-Martin
University of Texas, Austin

Drawing on her ethnographic research on contemporary consumer culture associated with quinceañeras--elaborate coming-of-age celebrations for fifteen-year-old girls--and the social reception of racialized cultural practice, Dr. Rachel Valentina González-Martin (UT Austin) will discuss the state of folklore studies among, with, and through minoritized communities geographically located in the United States. Her focus will be primarily on the experience of Latina/o/x identifying women and youth living under different forms of national citizenships, analyzing how cultural practices rooted in translocal cultural experiences and transnational memories can be collaboratively narrated through a lens of race, class, and gender politics that prioritizes self-documentary/un-documentary practices as acts of ethnographic refusal and cultural re-imagination.


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