FALL 2019 Courses!

Music 243 Transcription and Analysis
TH 2pm - 5pm. 
Location TBA
This graduate seminar will be taught by Professor Ben Brinner.
It is appropriate for those with both significant musical skills and a strong interest in learning about a range of approaches to visual representations of musical sound (from standard notation to various graphic representations), experimenting with those approaches, and debating them in terms of their efficacy and what they foreground or ignore.

Anth C262A: Theories of Traditionality and Modernity
W 12:00 pm - 2:59 pm
221 Kroeber
This course is taught by Professor Charles L. Briggs.
Constructing Tradition: In this seminar we explore the implications of the proposition that “tradition” is a process rather than an object, something that people “do” and “make” rather than “have” or “own.”

Art, Architecture, and Design in the United States (1800 to the Present) (HA 185A)
Tues. Thurs. 11:00-12:30
101 Moffitt
This course is taught by Professor Margaretta Lovell.
Looking at major developments in painting and architecture, sculpture, city planning, design, and photography from Romanticism to Post-modernism, this course addresses art, its social context, and its social power over the last two and a half centuries in what is now the United States. Issues include patronage, audience, technology, and the education of the artist as well as style, cultural expression, and the relationship of “high”art to vernacular, folk, and popular art. This class focuses on the ways in which visual culture incorporates and responds to narratives of personal, community, and national identity.

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