Caitlin Barbera

Hector Beltran (Anthropology)

Research areas: Media and Race; Latina/o Migration; Narrative and Borderland Theory.

Lashon Alexandra Daley

Ruth Goldstein

Ruth Goldstein explores the relationships between Linnaean taxonomies of plants and animals, based on eighteenth-century norms of human gender and sexuality and how these categories do not lie silent and fixed, but rather dialogue back to human notions of bodies, health, and disease.  How people and institutions characterize, categorize, and create both sides of the human/nonhuman binary informs how pharmaceuticals get developed and used. By seeking to understand not simply the making and unmaking of classifications of life in all its forms but also why these categories have stayed so strong for hundreds of years, the limits and the gaps in knowledge can appear.

Benjamin M. Kramarz

Sarah Montoro

Shakthi Nataraj

Larisa Y Shaterian