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Concurrent Enrollment - Folklore - UC Berkeley

Dual Admissions

How to Apply

The procedure for applying for dual admission into the M.A. in Folklore and a Ph.D. Program is the following:

  1. The application should be made to the Ph.D. program. We urge you to present a strong case for admission to the Ph.D. program and show how your interest in it would relate to your work in folkloristics. On your application, indicate the discipline or multidisciplinary program as your “”proposed department and degree program” (for example, GERMAN MA/PHD) and, in the boxes that read “First emphasis,” “Second emphasis,” and “Other emphasis,” indicate Folklore as the “Other emphasis.”
  2. The Graduate Division will send a copy of your application to the Folklore Graduate Program. We strongly urge you, however, to contact us as well, letting us know that you are applying for dual admission and giving us a clear idea of the nature of your interest in folkloristics.
  3. The Ph.D.-granting unit must accept the possibility of dual admission—it is not automatic. During the admissions process, both units will review the application independently and will make autonomous decisions regarding acceptance or rejection. Acceptance by both the Folklore Program and the Ph.D. department or program is necessary for dual admission.

Examples of Dual Admission Projects

Folk Healing Practices and Herbalism. Ruth Goldstein, Folklore MA & Medical Anthropology Ph.D.

Programs & Courses