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Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship - UC Berkeley

Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship

Interested in receiving credit for being an apprentice archivist? Sure you are!

Positions are available through the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP).  Student applications and supporting materials are due in the Program Office in 301 Campbell Hall on the first day of the second week of classes each term.

You can receive one credit (P/NP) for three hours of work in the archives per week, or you can take more credits! To find out more, contact the URAP office (301 Campbell Hall), or stop by the Archives for a chat.

From the URAP Publication:



I would be pleased to sponsor apprentices in the Folklore Archives for the Fall and Spring semesters. The Folklore Archives apprentices would disassemble collections of folklore consisting of approximately forty discrete items of folklore. Each individual item (a proverb, a riddle, a folktale, a legend, a custom, a folksong, a game, etc.) would be filed in the appropriate folder by genre within national divisions. Students should already be familiar with folklore genres, e.g., by having taken Anthropology 160, The Forms of Folklore, or an equivalent course. The basic work will entail filing and cataloguing items. (Note: the Folklore Archives receives approximately eight thousand items of folklore each year.)

Student desiring units would be required to work at least three hours per week during the semester. The work will be supervised by the designated Folklore Archivist. Once the intern is familiar with the archives, he or she may help fellow undergraduates interested in folklore learn how to complete research using the folklore archives and will be able to work on independent organization projects.

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